I am Jorge Sánchez Ortiz de Galisteo, a graphic and editorial designer with a particular interest in magazines and print media.

I was born in Oviedo (Asturias, Spain) on the 12th of May of 1986, and I lived in the village of Pola de Siero until I was 18.

In 2004, I moved to Barcelona, where I completed a Licentiate’s Degree in Journalism at the Autonomous University and a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design at Elisava, one of the most renowned design schools in Spain.

After leaving Spain in 2010, I lived in Sydney (Australia), followed by Toronto (Canada) and Dublin (Ireland).

In February of 2016, after being granted permanent residency in Canada, I relocated back to Toronto.



I am particularly interested in creative disciplines like graphic design, urban photography, contemporary art, interior design and architecture.

Additionally, I am passionate about magazines and have an interest in current affairs.



My professional experience includes working for Harmonia, Ireland’s largest magazine publisher, as a designer for the magazines Irish Tatler Man, Food & Wine and Irish Tatler, a magazine with 125 years of history.

Also in Ireland, I was a graphic designer at Zahra Media Group, where I collaborated in the design of consumer magazines like the glossy Xposé. Furthermore, I designed custom publications and marketing collateral for a selection of companies like MSD (Merck), Lidl and ESB.

In Canada, I was employed by Chill Media, where my main responsibility was the design of Chill, a Canadian men’s lifestyle magazine. Besides Chill, I also worked as a designer for both the English and French editions of Golf Canada, the official magazine of the formerly known as Royal Canadian Golf Association.

My experience as a graphic designer also includes a 6-month design internship at the digital agency Reborn (Australia), participating in several digital projects for renowned clients like Almay, Biotherm, Habitat for Humanity, Lancôme and Revlon.

My professional background also includes a journalism internship at the Barcelona headquarters of the renowned Spanish newspaper ABC, writing for its cultural pages.